Grants & Outreach

The goal of our Center is to make the world a better place for patients. To do that, our Center actively supports physicians, scientists and physician scientists who wish to carry out translational human skin disease research, research that will be applicable and useful in improving patient care.

We aim to support investigators already carrying out human translational research, researchers who have worked mostly in mice but wish to translate their findings into humans, and young investigators who, when tooled up with access to tissues and cutting edge human techniques, will choose to forge new careers in human translational skin disease research.

Our Grants: Due February 28, 2020
Human Skin Disease Resource Center Grant Program Request for Applications

Visiting Scholar Grants: These $15,000 grants bring investigators physically into the Center at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, for a stay of 1-6 months for the purposes of hands-on training in human skin disease research. Three $15,000 grants will be offered each year and funds can be used for Center services and supplies. Awardees salary during their stay will be paid by their home institution.

Translation Accelerator Grants: These $30,000 grants will be awarded to individuals at any institution with the purpose of supporting human skin disease research. Proposed research would be carried out at least in part using Center services and will address an important question in human skin disease research. Two $30,000 grants will be offered each year and funds can be used for Center services, supplies, or salary support.

Biennial International Conferences on Human Skin Disease

These conferences, held in Boston Massachusetts, feature presentations by invited speakers who are world leaders in the field of human skin disease research. The goals of these conferences will be to present cutting-edge human skin disease research and introductions to new human analytic techniques to physicians, physician scientists and basic science researchers. Our next conference will be held July 7 – July 9, 2021 at the Fairmont Copley Plaza, Boston, Masachusetts.

Coming Soon:

  • The Human Skin Disease Resource Center YouTube Channel: How to videos
  • New Investigators Corner: Advice, Encouragement & Career Consultations
  • “Ask a Translational Researcher” Consultative Service for experimental planning
  • Your grant wasn’t funded, what now? We’ve all been there. How to bounce back.